Maine Coon cats are self groomers.   They are low maintainence even considering their long hair, however, they still need their owners assistant in keeping their long hair tangle and matted free.  You should aim to make grooming your Maine Coon cat a pleasurable experience for both you and your cat..  Your Maine Coon cat will require added brushing through the spring and summer months than it will for the fall and winter months.

Avoid purchasing low cost plastic toothed combs and brushes. While using them, they can create static electricity and the result could be fly-aways and crinkled hair.

When grooming your Maine Coon cat, always remember that the most tender part on your cat is the underbody and their tail. Again this should be a pleasurable experience for you and your cat.  You do not want to fuss with your cat because you and your cat will become frustrated and will not get anything accomplished.

While grooming your feline you could use baby powder. The powder will comb and/or brush out during grooming. Baby powder has several uses for your cat.  It helps clean their fur, removes grease and oils, and it also helps in keeping their fur tangle and matted-free.

During the grooming process, it will allow for you to inspect the cat's ears, teeth and their nails.

Litter Boxes:

When picking a litter box for your new Maine Coon cat, remember that your kitten will grow quite large.  Your cat will out grow the regular size litter box in no time.  They have litter boxes to accommodate their large size.  Some department stores call them "Large" while others call them "Giant". 

Booda Dome Step Cat Litter Box Iris
 Booda Dome Step Cat Litter Box Iris

PETCO Natural Bristle Dog Brush (Small; 6.5
 PETCO Natural Bristle Dog Brush (Small; 6.5" L X 1.5" W)
  Tools Needed for Grooming:
Bristle Brush
Metal Comb
Flea Comb
Nail Trimmers
Seam Ripper
  Cat Facts:
Feline Acne - Cats get pimples just like humans. When your feline has acne, it typically appears on and around a cats chin.
  Cats will eat grass to help them with their digestion and to aid them in getting any fur that may be in their stomachs.
  When a cat rubs up against you, the cat is marking you with their scent which is a way of them claiming ownership to you.
  A cat has more bones in their body than a human being.  Humans have a total of 206 bones, whereas a feline has 230 bones.